Preventative Maintenance, or PM for short, is a periodic check up for your equipment.

It involves general inspection, cleaning, lubricating, and fine tuning to make sure everything is in top working condition, thereby extending the life of the piece of equipment. It is similar to getting oil changes so your car lasts longer.

A PM also provides managers with information about their equipment so they can make the best business decisions about current and future operations.

Quotes are available for annual, biannual, quarterly, or custom time periods to suit the customer’s needs and budgets.
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Preventative Maintenances can be done on all types of equipment, such as cooking, refrigeration, HVAC, and espresso machines
Benefits of preventative maintenance include:
Extending equipment life and fewer costly replacements
Fewer unforeseen breakdowns
More accurate budget planning due to fewer unexpected operating expenditures
Reduced overall repair expense – little problems are solved before they become bigger, more expensive problems
Reduced electrical expense – well maintained equipment requires less energy to run
Fewer customer complaints and loss of revenue due to items that are not available because of out-of-order equipment
Less unproductive downtime and lost overhead due to sub-par or nonfunctional equipment
Less inventory spoilage due to faulty refrigeration, ovens that burn product, etc.
More efficient use of productive time as equipment is working at its maximum capacity.
Better scheduling of service calls so that we’re there when it’s most convenient for you; less interruptions during your “busy times”
Safer operation of equipment for your staff and less liability risks to you